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Google PageRank, SEO KeyFactor

Posted: 5 February 2011 in Tips&Trick

If you are wasting time just..and just on the internet, particularly doing some online bussiness, you have to know that GOOGLE PAGERANK is one of important key factor in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Google PageRank is a measure of the relative importance of a web page on the internet. The numbers rank from 0 to 10. Use our cool page rank tool to help your search engine optimization works!

Google also calculate impotance of page where this link comes from or to other link which is its conected. And PageRANK isn’t one of key factor to determine your web shown on search engine.

You note that much time inbound link to go to your page, your page has higer pagerank.

10 link PR “0” = 1 link PR1
10 link PR “1” = 1 link PR2
10 link PR “2” = 1 link PR3..and accordingly.

GOOGLE PAGERANK actually being updates every 3-5 months. This process need time until data on center data being updated. After that, fixed until next processing.

How to make PR witget ??

1. Open website

2. Insert your blog/website

3. Copy the link as per your choose interest picture

4. Paste link on your website.