“UNDER REPAIR” was gone!! go : bussiness Online

Posted: 5 January 2011 in Home


Not feeling with fell falling… @__@


A little bit confusing for one month without any ideas since last year we standy by on this weblog with several idle pages, without any addition. But, more over some netter getting growht on their blogs and websites. It force me.. if they can, we must to be..

OK, one month January 2011 was gone, but Yes, we must and must getting the spirit, especially Spirit of LIve..believe that alive still continue and hand of live depend on “part of us”. We are like a driver, wherever and whenever we go, we decide to pursue the way.

On this testimony, I attempt to focus on managing blog as a BUSSINESS ONLINE BLOG besite describing and sharing other testy. Started from some blogger whom develop their pages and managing active and passively to get the money..either they share some live, sport, ect other information needed by netter and visitior.

What we need to manage our blog priecious?? The simple things are  here, some question let you bring to decide you what you are like to be..

Yup, to be a bussiness man we have to consider with the following 6 questions below:

1. Are U individualistic?

bussiness man prefer works home as a freelance one’s own master. Just managing time, they able to be sucess.

2. Boring??

bussiness man prefer creating new jobs other than continous jobs with same action. They creating new rules, surround, and partners.

3. Interest with new skills?

Because of hard intent to creating something, they challenging to get new skills and knowledgment.

4. Continuity between working and live?

More intent about these continuity, more over your skills to be a bbussiness man. With bussiness, you able to control time, your bussiness, and your family.

5. Prefer with Political Office?

They don’t care with it and prefer focus on productive action. Some bussiness man just getting flexible following “politic” on their client.

6. your manner is your way?

If U save more than what you get from u’r salary or at least it was enough for your life, Yes U are success. So, don’t ever get decreasing income.

Sooo…Are you callenging with these questions???  You decide, You get It. 😀


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